Is Your Back Pain Out of Control?

Injection of anesthetics and anti-inflammatory agents directly into the area surrounding the pain generating nerve can relieve pain symptoms and often times allow the nerve area to heal and repair itself. These injections, often referred to as “Epidural or facet blocks”, can effectively break the cycle of pain which becomes chronic if left untreated. Injections can be targeted to cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas across the entire spine from neck to lower back depending on the nerve involved. Patients can experience relief that ranges from several months to several years depending on their condition.

Diagnostic injections allow confirmation of the specific nerve location through a painless injection of anesthetic into the area surrounding the suspected nerve. This process of correctly identifying the nerve generating the pain signal is perhaps the most important step in the treatment process. Procedures are quick and patients have little pain associated with the outpatient procedure.

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